Career Guidance / Career Coaching

High quality careers advice is equally valuable to everyone, including those in work, those who are considering further education, training or a change in career direction.

If you work within an area of your passion, your work can become similar to a hobby and you will have a successful career; you will find your work interesting, challenging and rewarding.

I will assist you to identify your career path and your work passion, whether you area a student, unemployed or in employment seeking a career change or a promotion.

I will guide you through the journey of achieving what is best suited to you. I use a specialised system to identify a person’s strengths and limitations, their communication style, their value to the business, what motivates them, their basic fears and how they behave under pressure. This enables me to  match people to their work passion.

I meet students on a regular basis for career coaching and quite often their career choice has been chosen for them by their parents, which does not always concur with my analysis of the individual’s personal profile.

One particular student told me that his parents were insisting that he study engineering because he was good at Maths. My career coaching analysis indicated that Psychology was the right choice for the student and I have no doubt that he will enjoy a very rewarding and enjoyable career as a Psychologist.

Whilst a person may have a strength in mathematics they may not have a passion for engineering and may therefore find it difficult, boring and non-rewarding as a career.

I recommend that that people avail of career coaching before making a career choice for life.