Interview Preparation Skills – Interview Training – Phenomenal Success Rate

You Will Need To Score 85%

At interview, you will be awarded a score based on certain criteria. In order to be successful at interview, you will need to score 85%. Without interview coaching a candidate is, in my experience, likely to score at most 40%. If you hold the required qualifications, experience and achievements, I can coach you to achieve 85% plus at interview.

Professional Recruitment and Selection Consultant

As an experienced, Professional Recruitment and Selection Consultant, I have learned that the majority of candidates, who present themselves for interview, lack the ability to present themselves with confidence and are unaware of how to avoid falling into the many pitfalls. Interview preparation and interview skill training are essential in order to perform at interview to your full potential and give yourself every chance of being successful.

Frequently The Weaker Candidate Wins

Frequently the weaker candidate obtains the position simply because they have invested in Interview Skill Training. So often I say to myself ‘what a pity’ when an excellent candidate presents themselves for interview without preparation, lacking the techniques of how to impress the interview panel, how to ‘sell’ themselves and stand out from the other candidates.

Interview Skills Training, Mock Interviews And Coaching

Having identified this need, I now offer interview skills training, mock interviews and coaching which has resulted in extraordinary interview success for my many clients who reside locally, nationally and internationally. My successful clients include Solicitors, Bankers, homemakers wishing to return to the workplace,  Airline Staff including cabin crew and pilots, Accountants, Unemployed Persons, Nurses, Teachers, University Professors, Gardaí of all ranks, Local Authority staff, Hospital Consultants, Civil Servants; people from all walks of life who are seeking employment or promotion.

Also Students And Graduates

I also coach students and graduates seeking employment. No matter what your occupation or situation, the same principles apply to interview preparation; presenting yourself with confidence, listening to the questions, and giving a well-considered, powerful and focused answer.


Included in Coaching

My interview coaching session of approximately two hours duration will include: • How to interpret the job advertisement and the job description. What is the employer looking for? • The questions that you are likely to be asked and the answers that you are expected to give at the interview. • Identifying your successes and selling points appropriate to the position on offer. • How you will convince the employer that you will ’fit in’ to their organisation. • Understanding the total psychology of the interview process, your belief, your confidence, your radiating energy for the position, controlling your nerves.

Personal Recording Of The Interview

You will leave me with a personal recording of the interview preparation that we have completed together, which will give you the opportunity to practice a number of times, prior to your interview.  Nervous and apprehensive candidates particularly catered for.


Many of my clients who reside locally, nationally and internationally have experienced extraordinary interview success.  The following is a sample of their comments:

” Thank you for all your help and advice with the interview, your insights were so helpful both in preparation and on the day”

– Garda Assistant Commissioner 

“You showed me how to completely change the way in which I answered the interview questions. It was my seventh attempt at a promotion interview, I attended your coaching session and was finally successful”  

– Garda Inspector

“Just started as an Accountant last week, money well spent, thank you”

– Accountant

“I was successful at interview.  Your advice and coaching was invaluable”

– Company Director General

“Many thanks for your time and the trouble taken with interview guidelines. I found it great and was successful! Thanks”  

– Hospital Consultant

“I will be recommending you to my colleagues”  

– University Professor

“You gave me the confidence to return to the workforce again”

– Homemaker

“I was so well prepared for my interview. The tape you made was invaluable  and a great assistance. I got the job.”

– Head of Department – University

Within two weeks of meeting you I had four interviews, one job offer, I am now employed at RTE 

– An unemployed person now employed

I got a job teaching, I’m thrilled!!. Thanks for all your time and patience, it was all much appreciated ! 

– Primary Teacher

Some of my many other successful clients:

• Secondary teachers
• Principal teachers

• Gardaí ( Recruits up to and including Assistant Commissioner)
• College Lecturers, Managers and Professors
• Airline Pilots and Air Hostesses
• HR Executives
• Chief Executive Officers
• Nurses
• Nursing Managers
• Pharmacists and Pharmacy Managers
• Public Sector and Civil Servants
• Solicitors
• Hotel Managers
• Bank Managers
• Secretaries and Receptionists
• Engineers
• Architects
• Scientists
• Tradesmen

• Apprentices
• Marketing Executives
• Sales Representatives

• Customer Service Staff
• Army Officers

• Customer Service Staff

NOTE:    No matter what your occupation or situation, the same principles apply to interview preparation; presenting yourself with confidence, listening to the questions, and giving a well-considered, powerful and focused answer.