The interview process is about:

• Can you do the specific job on offer

• Will you do the job if appointed

• Will you fit in to the organisation

I will coach you on how to be successful at interview plus record on audio tape the specific interview

questions and answers to enable you to practice prior to the interview, explain the psychology of the

interview process and how to control nerves

Approx 70% of an interview is body language, attitude, facial expression and eye contact

Interview questions you must be prepared for:

• How did you get here for the interview, what direction did you take?

• Tell the interview panel about yourself and how your competencies and experience fits in with

their requirements

• What you know about the organisation and what you think of it

• Describe your approach to work

• What would your boss, neighbours and friends say about you

• What are you looking for from us and why do you want to leave your current job

• What do you think of your present organisation and what would you change if you were the


• Describe your past work and personal achievements

• Be prepared to answer all types of questions on handling and interacting with people all levels

• Why are you applying for the position

• Why should you be appointed to the position

• What motivates you

• What motivates a team

• Be up to date on current affairs

• How to make a decision about spending money

• What are your strengths

• What is your weakness

• What is the biggest mistake you ever made

• What are you going to bring to the organisation

• What have you learned from your work experience

• What have you learned from life

• Have you any questions

Should you require coaching on giving impressive answer to the above questions at interview


David M. Power Interview specialist/ Consultant on Tel: 087 7971077

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